Hayleys Agriculture Advisory Services

About Us

Hayleys Agriculture spearheads the Agricultural sector in Sri Lanka since 1950’s. Being among the top ranked firms in the market Hayleys Agriculture has been renowned for our wide array of agricultural solutions and for the value-added agro produce exports to major buyers in the international arena.

The Vision of Hayleys Agriculture is to be a Leading Regionally Integrated Sustainable Agri Solutions Provider & Advisor and constantly pursue to Innovate Commercial Agriculture for Food Security, Environment Sustainability & Welfare.

Our portfolio of businesses caters to the entire Agri Value Chain and includes Crop Protection Chemicals, Seeds & Planting Materials, Agri Equipment, Animal Health Products, Fertilizer, Environmental Science Products, Pre and Post Harvest Management Systems & Products and Water Management & Irrigation Systems. Our Exports businesses include Processed & Semi Processed Fruits, Spices and Vegetables, Beverages, Edible Oils, Essential Oils, Aqua culture, Hybrid flower seeds and Tissue cultured horticultural & ornamental, foliage and fruit plantlets. We also undertake trialing of commercial crops and embark on strategic Agri business projects as well as provide Agri Business advisory and laboratory services and support Agri business investment opportunities and alliances in the region.


Provide effective demand-driven and market-oriented advisory services via collaboration between key stakeholders such as agribusinesses, farmers, regulators, advisors and researchers, to promote farmers from subsistence to commercial engagement and improve the productivity and profitability of the entire agriculture sector.

Our Competence

Given the extensive experience of Hayleys Agriculture along the entire agri value chain from input provision to agri exports and the availability of a wide network of extensions officers, qualified and experienced professionals, access to local and international buyers, research institutes, agronomists & agri specialists, we firmly believe that Hayleys Agriculture is well positioned for the provision of advisory services within the Agriculture sector in the region.

Our Services