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Hayleys Agriculture Training School
The Hayleys Agriculture Training School is a registered training institution under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission which offers agricultural input and technology related training to the farming community via demonstrations and practical training based on an interactive and participatory approach. Moreover the Farmer Business School concept focus on developing the knowledge and capabilities of the Sri Lankan farming community on entrepreneurial and enterprise management skills to modernize agri business and demand driven value addition, thereby assisting progression from subsistence agriculture to commercial oriented agriculture. The institution also offers trilingual lecture based Agri technology training services for both public and private sector institutions.
Agriculture Extension Services
Direct access to even the most remote and grass root level farmer to mobilize and disseminate knowledge in collaboration with key stakeholders in the agri-value chain
Maintains a well-established agri-eco-system and an islandwide extension services network
Employs over 150 qualified and trained agriculturalists.
Conducts training programmes and field days for the agricultural community.
Provides agricultural skills and knowledge to facilitate greater benefits.
Agricultural Outgrower Networks
Partnerships with local farmers and farmer organisations, to modernize cultivation and demand driven value addition, thereby assisting progression from subsistence agriculture to commercial oriented agriculture.
Assures domestic and international markets for agricultural products.
Maintains the largest outgrower network, of over 15,000 farmers for fruits and vegetables and an additional 5,000 farmers for Seed Paddy and OFC’s
Agriculture Service Centers
Main service center located in Ekala, JaEla.
Regional service centers situated in Anuradhapura and Kurunegala.
Equipped with a service team who undertake repairs of all Hayleys Agriculture equipment and machineryislandwide.
Laboratory Service
The Hayvet laboratory in Kuliyapitiyaemploys highly qualified veterinary professional staff who provides essential diagnostic testing services using state-of-the-art equipment.
Project based Commercial Farm Management Services
New Farm Projects and Management of Existing Farms
Agriculture Advisory Service (Agvize)
We educate Agri community of Good Management Practices (GMP) to maximize the utilization & efficiency of inputs and processes to increase productivity and quality parameters and achieve sustainable yield increments and provide agronomic advisory services in relation to;
Integrated Farming Systems – cropping, animal husbandry, fishery, forestry etc
Crop selection & recommendations (suitable crop varieties based on agro ecological conditions)
Agronomics – Yield Potential, Investment requirements and Agri Financial Feasibility Analysis
Planting material selection (high quality seeds, seedlings etc)
Planting strategies and Cropping Patterns (long term vs intercropping with short term crops based on terrain)
Soil management (moisture, toxicity, salinity etc)
Irrigation Management (water hydration, drainage etc)
Land preparation and stand establishment
Nutrient management (fertilizer application based on site, soil , crop etc)
Pest management (control of weeds, pests and diseases)
Effective control of common field problems such as yellowing, sterility etc.
Harvest management (harvesting, threshing, drying and storage including pruning, post-harvest operations etc)
Monitoring quality parameters & improving procedures of Agri processors and manufacturers
Waste Management and Recycling
Market Linkages and Buy Back arrangements (for commercial farm projects)


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