Hayleys Agro Biotech (Pvt) Limited

Biotech laboratory facility at Nanu Oya utilizes state- of the art technology within an innovative and scientific environment to produce horticultural, edible and flowering young plants through in-vitro tissue culture technology for our customers ranging from nursery owners, breeders, commercial cultivators to landscapers from across the world.

Quality Seed Company (Pvt) Limited

With over three decades of experience we are the only company involved in hybrid flower seed production in Sri Lanka. Our reputation for absolute reliability and credibility makes us the first preference of the premier seed breeders including several of the top three global seed breeding companies. We now have a diversified product portfolio which includes foliage splits, liners, young plants and cut flowers.

Product Range

Tissue Culture Plants
Flowering Pot Plants
Foliage Pot Plants
Flower Seeds - F1 Hybrid and Open Pollinated
Cut Flowers

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