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Supply Chain


HJS Condiments’ sister company Sunfrost Limited (established in 1988), a subsidiary of the Hayleys Group handles the cultivation of all crops, grown by farmer out-growers and in company owned/managed farms & greenhouses.

The company’s Extension Officers, who are based in the growing areas, select the farmers for cultivation and purchase of crop.

Farmers are provided with inputs on credit, such as seeds, fertilizer, agro-chemicals, yarn, etc. During the crop, Extension Officers provide the necessary farmer training and education required to protect the crop and to get maximum yields, whilst ensuring that only approved crop protection chemicals are used. Crops are purchased at guaranteed prices, giving stability to farmer income. Collecting centres are located within the growing area and the crop is carefully handled using plastic crates and reefer trucks for transportation to the factory.

Traceability of the crop is maintained at all times.

Crops Farmer Out growers Farms Greenhouses
Gherkins * * *
Bell Peppers *   *
Jalapeno *    
Green Peppers *    
Pineapple   *  
Papaya   *  
Mango *    
Banana *    
Jackfruit *    
Cashew   *  
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