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  Raw Material Needs  
All Spice Flavor Dry Dill Weed Powder Flavor Aluminum Sulfate
Ethanol Red Bell Pepper Anthem Flavor Garlic Flavor Liquid
Refined Salt Baby Corn In Brine Gherkinol Riboflavin
Big Red Onions Glucose Syrup Safflower Extract Bitter Sweet Aroma
Green Pepper Sage Flavor Calcium Chloride Hydrochloric Acid
Salt Calcium Lactate Iodine Salted Red Bell Peppers-Strips
Capers Laurel Silver Nitrate Capsicum Emulsion
Lemon Yellow Silverskin Onions Cardamom Flavor Liquid Flavor
Sodium Hydroxide Cauliflower Florets Malt Sodium Meta Phosphate
Ceebola Mustard White Sodium Saccharin Celery in Brine
Nutmeg Spice Blend Cinnamon Emulsion Olive
Spice Mix Clove Pectin Stuffed Olives in Brine
Coriander Flavor Pepino Sugar Dehydrated . Garlic
Pepper Powder Tarragon Flavor Dehydrated Minced Onions Phytic Acid
Turmeric Extract Dill Aroma Potassium Chromate Vinegar
Dill Oil Emulsion Potassium Iodide Xanthan Gum Dill Pickle Flavor
Potassium Sorbate      

Diameters : 63mm, 66mm, 77mm, 82mm, 89mm, 100mm


Sizes : 212 ml (7 oz), 230 ml, 300ml (10 oz), 370ml (12.5 oz), 400ml, 500 ml (17 oz), 550ml, 700ml, 720ml (24 oz), 1000 ml (32 oz),
1700ml (57 oz), 1050ml, 1500ml, 2400ml, 2650ml


Sizes : A 10 (3 liters)





Stretch Film

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