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Greenhouse – Bell Pepper


The Supply Chain manages a 37’890 sq. ft. greenhouse project at Talawakelle (Watagoda) in the Nuwara Eliya District to grow Red Bell Peppers. There are 16 greenhouses of polythene sheltered tunnels with a capacity to grow 12’000 plants.

Carefully selected seed varieties are planted at a density of 4 plants per sq.meter giving an average yield per plant of 2 -3 kgs of fruits weighing 150 – 200 grams each. The growing media is fibre dust & sand mixed in poly bags.

Irrigation is done with 2 LPH PC drippers by using the water from a near by lake. 20LPH misters are used to reduce the inside temperature effectively at the warmer season while considering the humidity level. The crop cycle is one year and and plants are pruned using the 2 stem system up strings to an overhead wire.

Talawakelle is situated at an elevation of 1’350 meters above mean sea level and the average temperature varies between 21 – 25o C, with the night temperatures varying from 12.9oC to 10.1oC and day temperatures varying from 24.9oC to 35.2oC. Relative Humidity is around 65-75% and the annual rainfall is over 2’500 mm.


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