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Hayleys group, a Sri Lankan conglomerate started its export oriented agricultural project in 1988 to supply Gherkins preserved in Vinegar and Brine to Pickle Packers in Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand & USA.

Sri Lanka is a tropical Island with two major growing seasons i.e. February to March and May to August. Due to vast variations of climate in different geographical regions, cultivation of high value crops during other months is also possible in a lesser scale.

HJS Condiments Limited was formed by Hayleys Group in 1993 with Joint Venture Partner from Japan to produce Value Added Gherkins and other Pickled Vegetables in retail packs to Fast Food Chains, Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets etc.

Within a short period of 15 years the company has developed 6 major product lines and now accounts for 43% of Island’s total Fruit & Vegetable exports, covering 28 countries.

  • Pickled Whole Gherkins
  • Pickled Cut Gherkins
  • Relish
  • Exotic Pickles
  • Paste & Chutney
  • Organic Foods

The Company is ISO 9000, HACCP certified and FDA approved and a major supplier to world-renowned brands. The upgraded production facility helps the Company to maintain the highest hygienic and quality standards through out the production process.

In the year 1988 Hayleys group commenced cultivation of Gherkins for export in a 50-acre farm in Mahaweli System B. Though emerging of competition and commodity trading at low margins made it imperative, into value additions to prosper in the business, cultivation rapidly expanded to 3000 acres per annum in 6 years, through a network of 9000 out growers. The cultivation also provided indirect employment to 18,000 people out of which majorities were from farming communities of remote rural areas.

HJS Condiments Limited was formed in 1993 with JV partners from Europe and Japan. Sanyo Food Products Co. Ltd., Japan brought the much needed Technical Know-how and Marketing Strength to enter the value added export market. Exports commenced in 1995 installing a fully automated Bottling Line to pack Gherkins.

The tireless effort of the Management, production, and quality assurance staff made it possible to obtain the ISO 9002 accreditation in 1999, HACCP Safety Assurance system in 2002 and also the approval from reputed hamburger chains to supply Pickled Sliced Gherkins to Asia in 1999, which signifies the commitment of the company to assure high quality and consumer safety. A new product line was introduced in 2000, to supply Relish to sauce makers in Asia and the company diversified into fruit business in 2006.

HJS Condiments won the Gold Award in Grocery Large sector in the Food Award of Excellence competition conducted by Sri Lanka Food Processors association in 2001 and 2002. Obtaining the Halal Food awareness certification for Gherkins products helped the company to become an approved supplier to the Islamic world as well.

In recognition of achievements made in improving Productivity, product quality, Safety and employee morale by successfully implementing Japanese 5S system, at the competition conducted by JASTECA in 2002, the company was awarded with a Certificate of Merit at the Akimoto 5S Awards. The Company has also won the Best quality Circle (Manufacturing) Award at the 4th quality and Productivity Convention in 2003 and the Prestigious National Exports Gold Award - Food Products 2003 and many other awards as shown in the Certifications & Awards page.

We at HJS CONDIMENTS LIMITED believe in exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing quality products while, ensuring steady growth of return to share holders. Keeping in mind our social obligations we also strive to be the preferred employer to present and prospective employees and also continue to be a prominent entity in the business community we belong.


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