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Fertilizer - Fertilizer for Rambutan Cultivation
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Rambutan Fertilizer Mixture Available at Hayleys Agriculture

  N P K Mg
Hayleys Rambutan Mix 11 06 19.5 02 

Application rates

Fertilizer Type Time of application Quantity
Organic Manure 2 weeks before planting 10 kg/planting hole
Chemical Fertilizer Before Planting 450g/Plant
First year every 4 months 150g/Plant
Second year every 4 months 300g/Plant
Third year every 4 months 450g/Plant
Bearing Trees (4 to 7 years)
After every major harvesting 1350g/plant
After every major flowering 1000g/plant
Bearing Trees (8 year onwards)
After every major harvesting 1800g/plant
After every major flowering 1300g/plant

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