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Fertilizer - Fertilizer for Papaya Cultivation
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Papaya Fertilizer Mixture Available at Hayleys agriculture

  N P K
Papaya Fertilizer Mixture 10 06 25

Application rates

Fertilizer Type Time of Application Quantity
Organic manure 2 weeks before planting 10kg/ planting hole
Chemical fertilizers
 Hayleys Papaya fertilizer mix (10:06:25)  Before planting 225g/plant
2 month after planting 225g/plant
Thereafter every 2 months after planting 250g/plant

Guidelines for the Use of Soil Amendments, Organic Manure and Chemical Fertilizers

  • Repeated application of any organic manure (1 kg per sq m) within the canopy at six months intervals is beneficial.
  • Integrated use of organic manure and chemical fertilizer is more beneficial than using either type in isolation.
  • Basal fertilizer should be applied and incorporated into the soil at least 1 - 2 days before planting.
  • Subsequent fertilizer applications should be done in a circular band around the plant within the canopy area, approximately 30 – 45 cm away from the main stem, and should be incorporated into the soil without disturbing the root system.
  • Always ensure soil is sufficiently moist after fertilizer application.

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