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Fertilizer - Fertilizer for Banana Cultivation
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Banana is highly dependent on nutrients in the soil and both organic and inorganic fertilizer is recommended for high yield.

The following fertilizer mixtures should be applied according to the climatic conditions and the growth stages of the plantation

Banana Fertilizer Mixtures Available at Hayleys agriculture.

  N P K
Banana Fertilizer Mixture 12 08 34
Hayleys Special Banana Mix 10 06 30

Application rates

Fertilizer Type Time of application Quantity
Organic Manure 2 weeks before planting 10 kg/planting hole
Chemical Fertilizer Before Planting 225g/Plant or Clump
2 Months after planting 450g/Plant or Clump
Thereafter every 4 months 450g/Plant or Clump

Guidelines for using organic manure and chemical Fertilizers for Banana Cultivation

  • Fertilizer should be applied when soil is in moist condition.
  • Integrated use of organic manure and chemical fertilizers is more beneficial than using either source alone. Therefore repeated annual application of any organic manure within the canopy area is beneficial.
  • Basal fertilizer should be applied and incorporated in to soil at least 1-2 days before planting. Subsequent fertilizer applications can be done in a circular band around the plant within the canopy area leaving about 45 cm from the main stem and incorporated in to soil.

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