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Crop Production

Hayleys Agro Farms Limited (HAFL) a fully owned subsidiary of Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Ltd is a prominent planting materials producer in the country and markets a selection of seeds and planting material including paddy, maize, onion, potato and several upcountry and low country vegetables seeds through our own farms and outgrower networks. The company has strong presence in seed paddy production and currently plays a leading role in the seed paddy industry. We maintain modern warehousing facilities with high tech processing machines for seed paddy and operates in Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura districts with over 5,000 registered farmers.

We are recognised as the market leader for seed potatoes with the most preferred product being ‘Granola’ and have also ventured into the production and processing of B Onion seeds at two project sites in Dambulla. Moreover the diverse range of high quality imported hybrid seeds marketed by us is carefully screened and trialed in Sri Lanka to ensure that our customers obtain high and profitable yields.

Various measures and controls are employed to guarantee that our products meet the required technical criteria; ensuring only high quality and reliable planting material reach our customers. Our team of research specialists are highly motivated and well versed with innovative technologies. We also work closely with several government agencies in Public-Private Partnerships to bring synergies to develop high quality planting materials. In order to encourage sustainable farming methods in the agriculture sector the division continuously conduct technical and educational programmes in addition to ‘Agri Clinics’ conducted in collaboration with the relevant Government Agencies.

Distribution Network

Hayleys Agriculture has a registered dealer in each district for your convenience.


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