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  Product Characteristics
Specialty fertilizer Poly feed Red For a high quality harvest and increased yield
Focus Hi-Cal For vigorous route systems
Increased fertilizer uptake and uniform growth of the plant
Reduce senescence of flowers and immature fruit
Root Most For the stimulation of seed germination, root & shoot initiation and increase flowering
Nurafos K Increase Flowering and fruit set
For increased growth of roots and tubers
Increased Quality and Yield
Ca(No3)2 – Calsium Nitrate Calcium source for plants
Mg (No3)2 – Magnesium Nitrate Magnesium source for plants
Hayleys Blue Star N:P:K – 12:11:18
Increase plant growth and increase yield
Leili 2000 Provide nutrients
Increased growth of routes and shoots
Increase resistance for Diseases
Increase the fertility of the plant
Increase Yield
Wokozim Crop Increase flowering and fruit set
Hayleys Expert For increased plant growth and yield
Unicit K Increase flowering
Increase the strength of the stem
Increase resistance to Pests and Diseases
Albert’s Solution Source of Macro and Micro nutrients
Can be used in Hydroponic systems

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