Our Profile - Hayleys Aquagri

Furthering the innovative spirit that the Hayleys group has always maintained, Hayleys Agriculture has now ventured into the field of aqua agriculture through the production of seaweed farming. The company looked at two varieties of seaweed, both of which had huge growth potential for a business. This was the edible seaweed variety which is used as food and the red seaweed variety that can be used to extract enzymes and other raw materials. This can be used in the food industry for the use of proteins and emulsifiers such as meat products and pet food and is also in the non-food industry for the making of organic fertilizer.

The global production of red seaweed especially that of the Kappaphycus variety has been steadily growing in the last ten years with a market of about 8 million metric tonnes. The prime demand for these products lies in the Philippines, China, Australia, Europe and USA. Sri Lanka, through Hayleys Aquagri is currently producing 20 tonnes per month with the production poised to grow up to 100 tonnes per month by December 2014 and to expand rapidly thereafter.