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  • Multipurpose usage for the spraying of insecticide, weedicides, fertilizer, etc.
  • Sturdy construction of tank manufactured of 0.5 mm stainless sheets.
  • Lightweight for greater comfort.
  • Fine mist spray due to high working pressure.
  • Spare parts freely available.
Knapsack Sprayer Specifications
Tank Capacities (L) 16
Tank Made of 304 BA 0.5-0.7mm Stainless Steel Sheet
Normal Working Pressure (bar) 3-4
Weight (kg) 3-6
Guarantee (Year) 1
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Certification ISO 9001-2008
Farm Mechanization Research Centre,
Department of Agriculture, Sri Lanka

Power Sprayer Specifications
Model AS/15
Chemical Tank Capacities(L) 20, 16
Max Output 0.75kw
Operating Pressure (bar) 5-25
Type 2 Stroke/ Single Cylinder/ Air Cool / Gasoline
Mixed fuel ratio 25:1
Fuel Type Petrol
Ignite Mode C.D.I (Electric)
Weight (kg) 10
Method of Starting Self- Winding Recoil Start
Guarantee (months) 6
Country of Origin China

Power Sprayer Specifications
Fan Rotating Speed (r/min) 8000
Tank Capacity (L) 14
Overall Dimension (mm)(L x W x H) 500×420×690
Weight (Kg) 10.5
Range (Ft) Vertical  19     Horizontal  25
Model 3WF-3
Type 2 Stork/Single cylinder/Air cool/Gasoline
Power (Kw/R/Min) 1.8/6500
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25:1
Igniting Mode C.D.I (Electronic)
Method of Starting Self-Winding recoil start.
Country of Origin Vietnam
Guarantee 6 Months

  • Light weight for greater comfort.
  • Fine mist spray.
  • Multipurpose usage for the spraying of water soluble insecticide, weedicide, fertilizer, etc.
Model SC/03 SC/04
Tank Capacity 1 Ltrs 1.5 Ltrs
Tank Thickness 1.7mm 2.15mm

Model SC/11 SC/12
Tank Capacity 3  Ltrs 5  Ltrs
Normal Working Pressure 1 – 2.8 bar 1 – 2.8 bar
Weight 0.80 Kg 0.85 Kg
Tank Thickness 2.2 mm 2.2 mm

Rocker Sprayer Specifications
Model SC/09
Suction hose length (ft) 5
Spraying hose length (ft) 75
Pump Solid Brass
Nozzle Adjustable Nozzle
Spraying Range (ft) Vertically 7-26 and Horizontally 7-34
Guarantee (months) 6
Country of Origin India

Fogging Machine Specifications
Model BF 150 Automatic
Power Supply 12V DC Rechargeable Battery with Starting Button
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 1.8
Mixing Tank Capacity (L) 8
Fuel Consumption (L/hour) 1.5
Mixing Output (L/hour) 40
Empty Tank Weight (kg) 9
Tank Made of Stainless Steal
Fuel Type Petrol
Guarantee (Years) 1
Country of Origin Korea

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